Hip Abduction Orthosis

Congenital dislocation of a hip and subluxation in children up to one and a half years of age.

Hip Joint Bandage:

    The harness is for the therapy of developmental dislocation of the hip joint and hypoplasia, without relocation of the hip bone socket.

    The harness size needs to be matched to the child's size. One should ensure that the lateral arches of the harness are positioned tightly under the child's knees; the central arch of the harness is used to adjust the extent of the infant's leg abduction.

    The central line of the body and the lines of the infant's legs abducted should be perpendicular to one another.

    Do not "force" the infant's leg abduction. Such a procedure may negatively affect the hip bone sockets.

    With the harness put on properly, the infant's general feeling should not be disturbed (sleep, appetite).

    Any movements of the infant in the hip joints - even to the largest extent - are not only permitted but also recommended, as long as the harness is properly worn. Even such gymnastics as sucking the toes are permitted.

    Due to the infant's growth, a doctor should check the position of the harness every 2-3 weeks; whether the straps are not too short or too long, and the line of the abducted legs is perpendicular to the body axis.

    The baby may be carried in one's arms, laid on its belly, and seated. For sitting, two rolled cushions should be placed under the child's hips to prevent its feet from resting on the floor.

    The time of therapy with the harness in cases of hypoplasia of the hip joints is:

        3 months, while

        6 months in dislocations. Do not exceed the specified therapy times.

    Do not put on the harness based on recommendations like "just in case" or "prophylactically" if no developmental pathological lesions in the hip joints were found.

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